Thatch Meadow Farm is a very unique place. Parts of it is frozen in time. Other parts are more progessive than what is traditionally acceptable. This is the very last part of an estate on the north shore of Long Island. The buildings still stand and none higher than the clock tower that looks over the land. And this place is very much alive. It is alive with artists and musicians. Spectacular events take place and history is made and remade several times a year. What could devolve into self indulgent hedonism transcends into a celebration of life for not only the community but the greater part of the planet. Festivals of music and art can be frequently found to occur just a few times per year, bringing together friends and family to share in their craft of song, dance, paint and/or fine company. Immediately charmed by the rugged driveway upon the entrance, you are transported from the mundane suburbia that exists all around. You are now trapped by wild and kindred spirits. There is a sense of escape that comforts you. There is about 18 acres to roam and if you're lucky enough to grace this property and live vicariously through the novel of The Great Gatsby, you will surely have appreciated a genuine experience of Long Island.


  And the people of this land are as interesting as the property itself. Mostly quiet but energetic, Thatch Meadow Farm bustles to a beat of its own drum. From the roots, to the water, to the hills around, the people of the farm contribute to make the environment what it is. Life here requires a unique personality. It is, after all, a farm and we reap what we sow. The rustic scenery, open spaces and freedom from outside influences is very conducive to this kind of activity. And occasionally, the activities will erupt into a celebration for all to share.


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