Conkquinox 2021

Since the pandemic, Summer Solstice has had to be put on hold. But hold no more! Thatch Meadow Farm is happy to announce a new festival called Conkquinox. Instead of celebrating the beginning of summer, we celebrate the Fall.

We've secured such acts as Memphis Crawl, Dhärä, Pseudobliss and of course, Conky with and without Company will perform. As sad as we are that Katie's Food Truck will not grace us with their presence and delicious food, we are very excited to welcome Big Belly Barbecue. They will be providing a full menu including vegan options. Personally, my mouth is watering as I type this.

The farm will also be selling commemorative mugs w/ free refills, t-shirts, and other swag. All proceeds will continue to go towards the beautification and maintenance of the farm. And a lot has happened since last party!

The farm now has chickens, flowers, bees, mushrooms and more. We're anxious to show you around with tours on this day. You can see what the progress that we've been making.

You'll also be presented with the option to pay via cash OR digitally via smart phone. WiFi will be available throughout the property so that you can purchase items, tickets, order a Lyft, etc. We will be continuing the use of TMF tokens on this day. We encourage everyone to patronize our bands' swag tables. The music is critical to the success of this party and so supporting the bands is equal to supporting the farm.

We're all really anxious to invite everyone back to the farm for this first time Conkquinox party. Stay tuned for more info as it develops!