2020 Update

It's been a long while since this site has been updated. But that doesn't mean that nothing has been happening here at Thatch Meadow Farm. We now have chickens and bees. We're growing fungi and have a wandering guinea hen. We have eggs for sale and might even have chickens for sale by late autumn. Flowers are also grown on the property and have been for sale throughout the season.

We're all preparing for winter and I personally, am loving the reprieve from summer heat and humidity as we settle so nicely into the fall chill.

This was the first year in over 10 years that a Summer Solstice party did not transpire. We had hoped to host an Autumnal Equinox party. But our safety concerns prevented us from throwing any parties this year. Plus, it was illegal to do so.

Because of the pandemic, Thatch Meadow Farm hosted a "covid-wedding" ceremony. After all previous plans of a destination wedding fell threw, this couple had no where to go to fulfill their promise to each other. With only 10 people in attendance, I officiated the wedding near the water on a beautiful July day. What was supposed to take place in Jamaica, took place on Thatch Meadow Farm. Luckily, Stacy Sideris Photography, a farm resident, captured it all on film. In short, the farm and residents are keeping busy.

More to follow! Check back soon!

wedding pictures
Wedding Pictures at Thatch Meadow Farm