We're gearing up!

We're getting ready for this year's solstice celebration and we're doing things a little differently this year. We encourage campers. And this year, campers are encouraged to park at their tent! This makes it VERY convenient and will free up some space for parking. It is $20 per tent and $10 per car. Camping will be on the front lawn facing west. (We'll direct you when you get here). This is very important: Once you enter, you may not leave the farm to come back. That would create way too much traffic. Please honor this small request. Come prepared and stay until noon the following day.

Like last year, there are to be no open fires, fireworks or grills. A food truck will be present during the party and they have terrific food. I'm sure you'll enjoy.

The bands will be performing on the Great Lawn facing north. This is where the major part of the party will be. The corral will host a low-key after party with a DJ to settle things down into the evening. We NEED to respect our neighbors so please keep noise and music to a minimum.

There will be NO entering the buildings this year. No one is to enter any of the barns or homes. The party and camping is all outside so unless someone who lives here invites you in, please do not walk into anybody's place.

Please be careful entering the property, parking your car, and then exiting the party. DO NOT BLOCK any entrances, exits or paths. You will be shunned. Do not block others in.

And yes, we know, you know Conky. That does not give you the right to disobey signs or these simple requests.

Bands are to arrive no less than 1 hour before their set. If we can share gear to minimize downtime, that would be great. We need to keep things moving in a timely fashion so please do not exceed your 45 minute set and please be conscious of the 15 minute change-over that is required to get the next band on stage. If anyone (drummers) are interested in a backline, please let me know. If we get enough interest, I'll make it happen.

Finally, we do ask that everyone respect the property. Try as best you can to leave no trace and be kind and considerate to everyone else. This is a family affair and we like to keep the vibe positive and upbeat. Not only do we want to party, but this should be a time to relax and enjoy yourself. It is a unique place and we're hoping that everyone enjoys a very unique time. Be cool.