TMF is very sensitive to the conditions and circumstances of the ongoing rise of the Delta variant. We will not contribute to the rise. Get vaccinated!

A message straight from Conky , The Land Goddess of Thatch Meadow Farm :

      I am deeply saddened to say , due to the rise in local COVID hospitalizations,
The Conkquinox , scheduled for September 18 , is cancelled.

      My festivals have always been about freedom, sharing and caring.
I believe in being free from judgement and putting people on vaccination lists. 
I share the farm for others to care about it and each other.

      I look forward to future festivals and pray for normalcy.

  I enjoy sharing my farm and now it is a farm.
We have chicken and duck eggs, honey, pasture raised broiler hens and bouquets of farm fresh flowers for sale.

I also have new Thatch Meadow Farm caps. And I need to make more tie dye t shirts.


   So be safe now and in the future and call me for any produce or merch you may be interested in.
( call my landline, if I don’t answer leave a message, I will return your call).


  If you are unvaccinated, you must wear a mask, for my protection.

Thank you.


Peace & positivity           Onward and upward



Be Cool!