Campers should arrive at NOON!

Camping costs $20 per tent, plus $10 per car to park.
This year, we are allowing cars to park next to their tent! That's right!! But this can only be guaranteed if you make it here by 12 PM, noon. Rather than park and drag all of your stuff to the camping area, we are now encouraging that all campers arrive early to set up and park near their tent. Once you arrive, there is no leaving the grounds until the following day! We cannot have traffic coming in and out and disrupt the party and our neighbors. Please be sure to bring everything you require because there will be no leaving with your car. All campers are invited to stay until 12 PM Sunday. After that, you become part of the clean up committee!
NO RVs or campers! Tents only.
No open fires!
No fireworks!
Please be aware that this is private property and that many other people actually LIVE here so please be respectful of fellow tenants AND our neighbors. Also respect yourself- bring the amenities that will make you comfortable for the entire day and night!
Beware of ticks, mosquitos and other tiny beasts that are native to this land including poison ivy. Be mindful of your garbage and try to leave leave no footprints.
Camping is the best way to really experience this event. No worries. No problems!