Thatch Meadow Farm is very appreciative of the bands that play this event. It has always proven to be a fantastic time for both the bands and the audience. From our experience, there are a few things that we try to keep in mind. 
Bands will be allowed special parking for loading and unloading. After your performance, you may choose a parking spot along the path that you arrived. Please be careful to not block anyone in. Please bring as few vehicles as necessary. Obviously, bands do not need to pay for parking. Please let Mike know how many vehicles you need passes for.
Bands should arrive no later than 1 hour prior to their set! Earlier the better!!
Please be aware that this is a "festival" set. Because of the number of bands and the short amount of time, we ask that the bands respect their time slot. Each band has 45 minutes with a 15 minute change-over. This is cutting it very close but we've made it work in the past.
If each band can send Mike a stage plot of what is required, we'll be able to anticipate your expectations. We'll do what we can to accommodate. Let Mike know what your band requires. A full P.A. will be provided and there will definitely be a bass rig to use. 
Are there any drummers willing to use an existing kit? That would help greatly but we understand if that is not an option. We do expect that all drummers have their kit assembled prior to moving it into place.